Monday, 27 June 2016

Stay Mobile, it's a long life.

I was brought up on a diet of conflict. A roller coaster of emotional storms. On reflection, wisdom and age I see now that my mother's battles with her disappointment at not fulfilling her dreams of becoming a famous modern ballet dancer led to deep frustration and anger. Even though this ultimately turned her career into developing her extraordinary exercise technique that did make her famous. She never quite appreciated what a gift she gave the world. Now she is called a genius. When asked how on earth she devised these exercises she replies in one sentence and would do to this day.
I'm incredibly proud of her and can now appreciate my chaotic childhood. It was different, she was different but never boring and always challenging and my challenge now is to keep mother's brilliant technique alive and I continue to teach her work and train more people.

We understand how important it is to exercise our bodies. Your body was made to be used. The muscles stretched, the joints to be flexed. Stay Mobile, it's a long life.

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