Friday, 12 August 2016

It must be the exercises that keep me going!

I can’t believe my good fortune. First Bernie bounced into my life early in February. Red hair flowing, gorgeous smile, raucous laugh with a sunshine personality wanting to be trained. She soon became a Lotte Berk angel. Now she helps me train others and has become indispensable.

And thanks to my son Jo. Who a few years ago offered to do my emails which changed my life. Little did we know that the result would be so amazing and exciting. Women came to be trained from California, Canada, New York, New Jersey, Korea, Spain, Norway, Switzerland and Paris. The excellence of Lotte’s technique lives on. It’s all thanks to Jo we all stay in contact with each other. This brings the world into my home.

It is interesting and a little disappointing that there appears to be so little interest from women in Britain where it all started.

I’ve failed to understand the Internet but thanks to Jo it has breathed new life into my old life and I’m not ready to put my feet up for many years to come. It must be the exercises that keep me going! Thanks mother.

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