Saturday, 30 July 2016

Complex and emotional

Lotte Berk my mother, the most complex and emotional person I have ever known, was adamant.

‘Don’t even try and please me. I hate it when people try and please me. What is it that saying? What does it mean?”
“I think it’s showing how much people care and admire you”.
“Rubbish, there is a hidden meaning behind all this trying to please stuff”.
“How do you feel when people give you fresh flowers? Isn’t that nice?”
“No, it’s annoying, I don’t want to find a vase and do all that arranging, I just throw them on the floor”.
“What good is that?”
“It’s good for the cat, she likes to play with them”.

Much later in my life I understood what mother meant. Of course she was right. Mother was deeply intuitive about how the mind works. Possibly because she had to discover and learn to come to terms with her own inner turmoil. Her exercise technique was created from her desire to express her feeling for her need for love and fun which may well be the reason they’re so popular with her followers who experience the fun, warmth and joy of life. Kelly, one of my trainees who is now practicing in California said, and I quote “Lotte Berk, not just a work out, but a work of art”. How right she is.

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  1. All of this is so very true! All of our clients at the LONDON method studio in CA where we practice the TRUE Lotte Berk technique feel how it is so much more than just a "work out". The fun we have while doing it and the brilliance of the exercises truly DO make it a "work of art". We are so thankful to Lotte for creating them and to Esther for continuing to practice them so they could be passed on to us in the correct form:)