Thursday 30 June 2016

Did I ever tell you how I love my classes?

Did I ever tell you that I’m crazy about my cat BB? Did I ever tell you how much I love my classes? Did I ever tell you growing old is exciting? This doesn’t happen over night, no, it takes years. Of course it’s never too late to start but a good time I think is midlife. No, don’t think of it as a midlife crises, instead, a new beginning. Discovering the real you, the you you were born to be before life moved in.

A lot needs to be done. Stuff to be undone, stuff to examine, stuff to throw out. And you can’t take it to your local charity shop.

First step is to have a good look at yourself and laugh out loud. Realize what is ridiculous and laugh more and then let go and cry. Ask yourself questions – lots, listen to your replies. Yes, you’ll know when you’re being honest.

A few years ago I started training women in my mother’s technique, most wanted a career change and were around 35-45. I find it thrilling to see their spirit blossom. To see their enthusiasm for a new beginning explode as they throw themselves into their new life.

Did I ever tell you how lucky I am?

Monday 27 June 2016

Stay Mobile, it's a long life.

I was brought up on a diet of conflict. A roller coaster of emotional storms. On reflection, wisdom and age I see now that my mother's battles with her disappointment at not fulfilling her dreams of becoming a famous modern ballet dancer led to deep frustration and anger. Even though this ultimately turned her career into developing her extraordinary exercise technique that did make her famous. She never quite appreciated what a gift she gave the world. Now she is called a genius. When asked how on earth she devised these exercises she replies in one sentence and would do to this day.
I'm incredibly proud of her and can now appreciate my chaotic childhood. It was different, she was different but never boring and always challenging and my challenge now is to keep mother's brilliant technique alive and I continue to teach her work and train more people.

We understand how important it is to exercise our bodies. Your body was made to be used. The muscles stretched, the joints to be flexed. Stay Mobile, it's a long life.

Thursday 23 June 2016

Small is beautiful

Bist du verruckt? Are you mad? Mother frequently exclaimed. At a passing driver, at what I'm wearing or what I got up to or something she didn't agree with. But you couldn't say that of her. Oh no. Innovative, brilliant, some called her eccentric. But not mad.

My mother, Lotte Berk brought the world a new and exciting exercise technique. She had a huge following in America and England in the 60's, 70's and 80's. Once she retired the copy cats moved in and now flourish under different names. Sadly lacking the essence of Lotte, her charismatic and enthusiastic vitality and dumbing down the flair in her inspirational exercises.

Now that Lotte is no longer here I've taken over training so as to keep the authentic work as mother intended. Alive with all the fun and passion she injected in her classes. Lotte's introduction of the tilt has been the biggest contribution to modern exercise.

Try it out with me now.

Lie flat on your back. Knees bent, feet on the floor. Now press the small of your back into the floor. That tiny clever movement helps to support your back while exercising. You should feel as you tilt that your fanny is almost lifting but don't lift it. Keep your eyes on your fanny for just a few small movements. Small is beautiful.

Saturday 11 June 2016

Love and Health

A couple of weeks ago I went to a lecture given by a neuroscientist journalist (don’t ask). She enthralled me with explanations of how we could enhance our feel good factor by increasing the oxytocins in our brain, (again don’t ask). I believe Google can help out, I wouldn’t know, I even have a dinosaur as a pet. Apparently when you fall in love and go all softly moftly, you produce this oxytocin in your brain which gives you that loved up feeling. This information comes from recent research (don’t ask). It also happens when you’re smooching your pet. You didn’t believe me that my pet is a dinosaur – did you?

It also works in the same way with your pet. We’ve all heard how stroking your pet or anyone’s, is beneficial to release stress and helps with depression. I wonder if your oxytocin levels double when having sex? Well, why not?

I love my BB. Black sleek and a green eyed beauty. A gentle loving panther like cat. We have frequent schmoozing sessions day and night. Her purr is more seductive than pillow talk. But that’s due to my age. There is a lot to be said for love as a way of staying healthy in mind. Food and exercise for your body. And love in every shape you find it makes the world a beautiful place.