Tuesday 27 June 2017

vital and often ignored ingredients to a good life

I live longer and longer and so do we all with luck. I have a duty to myself to make my last years the most fun and the best I can.

However old you are, be it a two year old, fifty year old or eighty and over, we need to find our own voice. A two year old will kick and scream to be heard, by eighty you will have learnt a better way. The in between is what it is all about. I liken it to climbing an extremely high rugged mountain with all its elements and no guide. With sunny days, dark days, terrifying days, beautiful days surprising days. Frequent challenges, self-discoveries. Each year becomes an achievement to be proud of. During my climb I met and found my best friend and learnt how to value her, respect her, love her. It took work through unchartered emotions to recognize that was me. She taught me how to listen to silence, to enjoy my own company, spend time with my mind allowing it to meander through thoughts with no direction.

We’ve all learnt how important our sleep is. That nourishing food helps to keep us healthy. That regular exercise helps with stress and aging. Thanks to my mother (Lotte Berk) I’m still running my own exercise classes which have proved to me putting all these elements together does improve well being as I age.

There is one vital and often ignored ingredient to a good life and that is humour, laughing, curiosity, questioning, behaving badly, being mischievous, having fun, enjoying the moment.

I dare you.